Working papers

Can Sourcing Help Enforce Global Labor Standards? Evidence from the Gap Inc Supply Chain
Matthew Amengual and Greg Distelhorst
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[9] Global Purchasing as Labor Regulation: The Missing Middle
Matthew Amengual, Greg Distelhorst, and Danny Tobin. Forthcoming. Industrial & Labor Relations Review.

[8] Performing Authoritarian Citizenship: Public Transcripts in China
Greg Distelhorst and Diana Fu. 2019. Perspectives on Politics 17(1): 106-121.
pdf | Replication data

[7] Does Compliance Pay?  Social Standards and Firm-level Trade
Greg Distelhorst and Richard M. Locke. 2018. American Journal of Political Science 62(3): 695-711.
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  • American Political Science Association Dorothy Day Award for Outstanding Labor Research, 2018.

Media: VoxDev.

[6] Grassroots Participation and Repression Under Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping
Diana Fu and Greg Distelhorst. 2018.  The China Journal 79: 100-122.

[5] The Power of Empty Promises: Quasi-democratic Institutions and Activism in China
Greg Distelhorst. 2017.  Comparative Political Studies 50(4): 464-498. 
pdf | SSRN

[4] Constituency Service Under Nondemocratic Rule: Evidence from China
Greg Distelhorst and Yue Hou. 2017. The Journal of Politics 79(3): 1024-1040.
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[3] Does Lean Improve Labor Standards? Management and Social Performance in the Nike Supply Chain
Greg Distelhorst, Jens Hainmueller, and Richard M. Locke. 2017. Management Science, 63(3): 707-728. 
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Media: Harvard Business Review, Forbes.

[2] Production Goes Global, Compliance Stays Local: Private Regulation in the Global Electronics Industry
Greg Distelhorst, Richard M. Locke, Timea Pal and Hiram Samel. 2015.  Regulation & Governance 9(3): 224-242.  
pdf | SSRN

[1] Ingroup Bias in Official Behavior: A National Field Experiment in China
Greg Distelhorst and Yue Hou. 2014.  2014. Quarterly Journal of Political Science 9(2): 203-230.  
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Work in progress

China’s Meritocratic Government? Rank, Access to Promotion, and Perceptions of Chinese Officials
Margaret Boittin, Greg Distelhorst and, Francis Fukuyama

Reassessing the Quality of Government in China
Margaret Boittin, Greg Distelhorst, and Francis FukuyamaSSRN 

The Political Beliefs of Chinese Officials
Greg Distelhorst.

Rituals of Responsiveness in China
Greg Distelhorst and Diana Fu.

Becoming Part of the Solution: Strategy and Socially Responsible Employment in Emerging Markets.
Greg Distelhorst and Anita McGahan.  

  • People’s Choice Award, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability, 2018

  • Best Conference Paper Finalist, Society for Business Ethics, 2018

Certified for Success? Social Responsibility Certifications in China.  
Greg Distelhorst, Judith Stroehle, and Duanyi Yang.

Book reviews

China’s Governance Puzzle: Enabling Transparency and Participation in a Single-Party State, by Edmund J. Malesky, Jonathan R. Stromseth, and Dimitar D. Gueorguiev. Reviewed in The China Journal, 2019 (82): 154-156. pdf

Making Autocracy Work: Representation and Responsiveness in Modern China, by Rory Truex. Reviewed in Journal of Chinese Political Science, 2019 (2). pdf


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